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the coffee we love

The Cudia family unites Italy from Sicily to Friuli Venezia Giulia, an embodiment of the peninsula’s flavours and traditions. The history of Torrefazione Pepè is interwoven with the history of Italy and the Great Wars.

During the First World War, Natale Cudia, an official in the army and one of Sicily’s first graduates, was sent to San Vito al Tagliamento to fight on the Italo-Hapsburg front. He met Emilia at the theatre in San Vito and they soon got married, moved back to Sicily and set up home there.

During the Second World War, the Cudia family was forced to emigrate northwards, taking refuge in Emilia’s home city. At San Vito al Tagliamento during the difficult but exciting period immediately after the war, their young son Giuseppe took his first steps in the market of top quality Italian cuisine.

Long years of experience in trade and its founder’s passion for Italian wine and food excellences led to the creation of Torrefazione Pepè Caffè in 1998. The name comes from Pepè, the family nickname for Giuseppe, just as the MAS line is inspired by son Massimo.

A love for the world famous Italian espresso took shape in a company which has made product quality its flagship.

Days should begin with a hug, a kiss a caress and a coffee

Charles M. Schulz

At the hearth of coffee
quality is the blend

From the plantations to the production chain: a journey in the name of solidarity and responsibility.
This begins with meticulous skilful selection of the raw material, the fruit of the coffee plant, an evergreen shrub in the Coffea genus of the Rubiaceae family. The most commonly used varieties are arabica and robusta. Our company stands out for research, tradition, knowledge and the creation of top quality instantly recognisable blends.

Fruit of an elaborate
and precious transformation

From importation of coffee beans from the best plantations to skilful preparation of the blends: a product of absolute quality, fruit of experience and passion combined to bring the taste of Italian espresso to your cup.

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